Jennifer Tiedemann has been working on creative pursuits for as long as she can remember. A lifelong fascination with fantasy and science fiction greatly influences her artwork, and led her to pursue a career in film. Her interest in makeup began while she was a student at Emerson College in Boston, where she spent many weekends working as the makeup artist on her classmates' thesis projects. She came to Los Angeles in January 2015 to intern at a special effects studio, and decided to permanently relocate shortly thereafter. Jen currently works as a freelancer for media arts projects, prop houses, and special effects studios. | 781-526-0070




Illusion Industries Inc.                          Intern                            January-May 2015

Artist Stephane Dufour                            Artist’s Assistant                October-December 2015

Imaginerick Creature Design Studio                Intern                            August 2015

Rick’s Custom Props                               Prop Builder                      May 2015 



Gothesque Magazine, "Lady of the Valley"          Makeup Artist/Body Painter        June 2016

Aloha, Inc.                                       Basic Corrective makeup           September 2016



Farm 1                                            Hoplite Entertainment

Alive!                                            Skyy Entertainment

The EATS Community: The Craving                   A Believing Company
Fairy Tale                                        Dir. Laura Brincat

Inside Boxes                                      Dir. Paul Lazo

Pocket Dressing!                                  Serendipity Productions

Glass Ceiling                                     Thinking Hat Films

Brainblast                                        Dir. Jared Widman
The Diggers                                       Dir. Patrick McGowan

Horrorgrams                                       Dir. Kyle Daly

12:07                                             West Ghost Films

Talk With Me                                      Dir. Peter Cannon